• Move your school to Cloud Computing in 8 weeks


  • Give Children a real head start


  • 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Learners



21st Century Skills for 21st Century Learners
Why Your School Should use Google Apps

Cloud computing is coming fast to education, lots of information schools access is now in the cloud. Wouldn’t it be great if we could also allow our students to also access work from the cloud.

The way children work together and access their work would totally change giving them a real head start in collaboration and teamwork. Real 21st century skills for 21st century learners. After the move to G Suit by schools in Northern Ireland, the DfE is really keen that schools in England and Wales don’t fall behind and are now actively pushing schools to make the move. Read the DfE’s free guide here.

Never save again and never lose your work

“I can’t find my work miss”. How often have you heard that. With G Suite for Education you will never save a document again. That is because each time you make an edit the changes are saved for you and a revision document is created, just in case you need to go back.

Never lose your work as well. With G Suite, your can see the most recently created work at a click of mouse or tap of the screen. You also have the power of Google search just in case you need to find any old documents and can’t remember which folder they are in.

All Together now – Collaboration 

For the first time schools now have the facility to allow children to collaborate and work together in a number of different ways from creating presentations and documents to web design.

Children benefit hugely from collaborative learning and develop higher level thinking skills, builds self esteem in students, promotes a positive attitude toward the subject matter and develops social interaction skills. Using a team approach to problem solving boosts self esteem while maintaining individual accountability.

The server is full up, we need to buy more storage!

Not anymore. With G Suite for Education you have unlimited cloud storage and can drag “n” drop anything you like into Google Drive so it’s time to bin that insecure USB pen drive.

Documents,  files and folders are easily  shared and even when you delete a file or folder, its not gone  until you finally say so. Restoring it takes seconds. Oh yes, did I tell you that Google takes care of all the backups, so you don’t have to bother.

G Suite For Education Must Be a Lot of Money?

Well it not. In fact for educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities it’s totally free and that includes unlimited cloud storage, apps and all the updates.

Procurement, is very low compared with what you are getting. Free servers in the cloud, everything backed up, all updates done for you. Your cost will be on training and classroom support if required.

You IT support team has very little to do, in fact, once set up most schools manage G Suite themselves.

For the first time this could be considered as  a system a school could manage on their own, relying less on expensive IT support.

I can’t knock schools IT, after all I have spent a lot of time installing and supporting it. But having a system that is almost hassle free can’t be ignored. Servers and software updates a thing of the past and couple that with a system you don’t even have to backup then you can’t fail but to be impressed.

For schools it must be a win, win.