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Training, INSET and Classroom Support

G Suite is one of the easiest , cheapest and powerful systems you will ever add to your school’s IT; a real leap into future education and collaborative learning. Even though Google pride themselves on a system that is both easy to use and very suited to education you may still need some help getting it off the ground in your school.

The launch of any new way of working, particularly one based around IT requires a gentle introduction to staff and students. Both need to feel confident in their skills, require support and a helping hand introducing it to children in class. From experience, G Suite can be fully introduced into a school in around 7 weeks, including INSET and lead classroom support.

Getting it right – First Time

Getting it right

Getting it “right” is a very important part of using G Suite for Education.  The first lessons shows children how to login and customise their cloud platform. From there their use and understanding of Google Cloud platform just grows.

Making It Easy

I can offer help and training to make the move onto G Suite as easy as possible. From “taster days” to full training course that will help you integrate G Suite into your school and seamlessly into your current IT setup.

CPD – A New Skill

G Suite offers a school a new and advanced way of working and will be a much sought after skill in the future. CPD training assures a high level of expertise and enables teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up-to-date.

INSET, Training & CPD

  • Working with Google Classroom

    Working with Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom on an iPad

    Google Classroom on an iPad

  • New Google Sites

    New Google Sites

  • Yoga for Children made during the INSET day

    Yoga for Children made during the INSET day

  • Relaxed atmosphere, easy going training

    Relaxed atmosphere, easy going training

  • Iron Age Website on new Google Sites

    Iron Age Website on new Google Sites

  • Cloud Computing skills – a welcome addition to your CV

  • Ensure your school has access to FREE on-line technology. One step in front! 

  • Allowing children to experience and benefit from cloud computing.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings that will enable you to introduce G Suite to the rest of the school and hold a Q&A session with staff and TA’s. We have found that most staff have no idea what cloud computing is and welcome this short introduction.

Inset Days

Inset days is one the the best ways to introduce G Suite to other members of staff and hone in on those missing skills. I can work with staff in small groups or as a whole and start to introduce them to Google’s Cloud Platform.

Upping your future skills

Being able to work with any cloud based system will up your personal skills and is a powerful addition to add to your CV. 300 schools in Northern Ireland have move to Google’s Cloud Platform and the DfE is keen to make sure schools in England and Wales don’t fall behind.

Feedback from recent INETS & CDP

“Was an excellent course – much recommended. Learned more on this course than others.”

“I really enjoyed the course. Cloud computing means no space is taken up with storage. John is a very knowledgeable and approachable teacher.”

“It was what we needed to do to move forward. Good to have time to spend learning together in a relaxed way and not to have to do it in a rushed way or in ‘bits’ when tired at the end of the school day. It also meant we were up and running for the new term/topic. Very enjoyable – thank you.”

“It was a really useful course which I really did enjoy and learned loads. Thanks”

“The INSET was very useful and I look forward to using Google Classroom with my class.”

Lead Classroom Support – All the help you need!

Classroom Support

The first few lessons are very important and one of the best ways to introduce G Suite to students is via a support teacher role. I can supply classroom support for the first few lessons to help ease the school into the new way of working.

Fitting it into lessons

Some part of the school curriculum planning should be based around using G Suite in some part or another. G Suite should be seen as a resource NOT an IT lesson. Children will work with Docs, Sheets, Slides and a number of other Google tools to enhance the way they work.

7 weeks

With the right classroom support staff and children will be using Google Cloud platform in around 7 weeks. Don’t expect all work to be moved to the cloud, but children will be able to successfully use G Suite, work from home and begin exploring cloud computing.